Architectural and Engineering

“Acon Design and Management Company” has signed a number of projects in the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Turkey and the Gulf States. Acon Design has expert staff and teams in the fields of architectural projecting and interior design, visual 3D design, engineering services, topography services, follow-up of formal procedures, implementation and construction sites inspections. Acon Design adopts design concepts based on creativity and quality. We take excellent care of our work and crew aiming at developing every field under the leadership of an experienced team. We are expanding our team day by day with young, creative and dynamic people.

Architectural Services

  • Architectural projecting
  • Interior architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • 3D design and illustration
  • Sketching
  • Model making
  • Controlling and supervision
  • Quality control
  • Project promotion and marketing

Engineering Services

  • Electrical
  • Mechanics
  • Static
  • Infrastructure
  • Topography and mapping
  • Controlling and supervision